Intensive Courses in Spanish Language in SALAMANCA OR COSTA DEL SOL

  • Four hours daily, Spanish Language and Culture

  • Faculty Specializing in Spanish

  • Additional Cultural Activities


    • Lectures

    • Discussions with Spanish Students or Adults

    • Guided Tours

  • Free Attendance to all different classes given at University for Spanish Students.

. Elementary Level, for those students who haven’t got any previous knowledge of Spanish language.

. Intermediate Level, for those students who have already got a basic Knowledge of Spanish language, but who need to make it deeper and to widen structures and vocabulary, in the different semantical areas (such as business Spanish, publicity Spanish, Spanish for interpreters and translators).

. Advanced Level, for those students who have got a good knowledge of Spanish and want to get a high degree of fluency in Spanish language in its different levels (technical, colloquial, literary).


. One hour daily, Spanish grammar and structures (theory).

. One hour daily, Spanish grammar and structures (practice).

. One hour daily, conversation, discussions on as many different subjects of interest as required. The subjects will mainly refer to Spanish Culture.

. One hour daily, different activities, like: Translations into Spanish, Literary criticism, technical language, commercial Spanish, Modisms Obviously, this general content will be adjusted to each different levels (technical, colloquial, literary).


Lectures on the main cultural items of interest, like Spanish Art, Spanish History, Spanish Literature, Spanish Politics, etc. . Excursions to the main historical places, like Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Avila. . Organised discussions and meetings with Spanish students. . Music, Poetry, Theatre… . Guided tours round town.


We can provide accommodations for the students, like Hotels, Hostels, Colleges, Flats shared with Spanish students, Staying with Spanish families.


Small groups. The umber of students will be of approximately 15, never exceeding the 20 in the elementary level nor the 25 in the intermediate and Advanced. One the registration completed, the student will not be entitled to get back the money he paid.


Certificate of attendance: It will be given to those students who haven’t missed more than three classes. . Diploma: For those students who pass the final examination, given to those students who want it, on the whole content of the course.